St Peter Chanel


St Peter Chanel you left your homeland to proclaim Jesus, Saviour of the world, to the peoples of Oceania. Guided by the spirit of God, who is the strength of the gentle, you bore witness to love, even laying down your life. Grant that like you we may live our daily life in peace, joy, and in love. May your prayer and example call forth from our midst many workers for the Gospel so that God's kingdom may reach to the ends of the earth.    Amen.

Prayers of the Mass

Readings for the day:
Ps.96, Acts 13:44-49, Luke 6;27-28 or John 12;24-26.

Opening Prayer:
Lord, you sent St. Peter Chanel to bring the light of faith to the peoples of Oceania and gave him the crown of martyrdom. May our celebration of Christ's death and resurrection make us faithful witnesses to the new life he offers, for he lives and reigns....

Preparation of the Gifts:
God of all mercy, you choose what is weak in the world to bring to nothing what is strong. Accept our gifts and hear our prayer that, like your servant Peter Chanel, we may prove unshakeable in the face of adversity. We ask this through Christ our Lord.

Heavenly Father, all powerful and ever loving, God we do well always and everywhere to give you thanks, to adore and bless your goodness to us through Jesus Christ our Lord. From the first companions of the Society of Mary you appointed St. Peter Chanel to minister and witness to the Gospel, sending him to our islands. Here, with great endurance, hardships and afflictions, he gave oustanding testimony to Christ by his words, his life and the shedding of his blood. And now, with all the angels and saints, we praise you forever and ever.

Lord, we have shared in this meal of joy and salvation. Strengthen us to press eagerly forward in the steps of St. Peter Chanel, proclaiming the Gospel of peace and truth. We ask this through Christ our Lord.